“Dynamic Tissue Systems Solutions” – Open wounds impose serious clinical consequences • Dynamic Wound Closure • Retraction Prevention • Tissue Support and Expansion Retracted Wounds Open wounds retract laterally due to the inherent mechanical properties of tissue, increasing the degree of difficulty and time to definitive closure. A longstanding retracted open wound is not necessarily a permanent defect. Dynamic Action Gentle, unrelenting dynamic appositional forces (cyclic stretching) counters the retracting forces that keep wounds open. How? Cyclic stretching of tissue facilitates collagen fiber rotation, increasing skin coverage. Chronic cyclic stretching leads to constructive remodeling including tissue generation and adaptation. Unlike static devices, dynamic therapeutic tension rapidly addresses the challenge of the retracted, stable wound. Therapeutic tension addresses the inertia required to return wound edges back to their original position for delayed primary closure. Dynamic Tissue Systems return tissue back to its closed system state with normal functional tension. Visit Southmedic Inc’s booth for more details.